Trampoline Days

Spring is finally showing up. I can’t tell you how much the cold gets to me after a while. Someone congratulated me today on not getting frustrated until February.

The last few weeks have been pretty busy with Clint’s work schedule and my client load. But when the sun finally spent a week warming up the yard, the kids went nuts with freedom. And I just hung out with them and enjoyed that time.

Our neighbors have a big trampoline. I never let Eleanor on it. She sits there and cries like a puppy and tears stream down her face while she watches the big kids bounce around. But I’m too paranoid and I’ve seen too many episodes of ER I guess.

But finally on this warm day, I set her free. And I watched her like a hawk. But it was so fun. She and Harry played tag in a space that was actually served as a great equalizer – Harry couldn’t go to fast and Eleanor was contained.

Hope you enjoy these images! If you’re ready to get your warm day acitvities documented, shoot me a message and let’s chat. These days are fleeting! And they’re some of your kids’ favorite memories. So let’s chat.

Now head on over to Kelly’s 5-on-5 at Momma Got Soul and check out her beautiful quiet images over in Florida.

feet on trampoline tag on trampoline fighting on trampoline pensive girl on trampoline trampoline joy

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