One day, I was out with my kids when we ran into a friend and her kids. We got to talking and she opened up to me about dream businesses. But she think she brushed the idea away, a pipe dream never to come to fruition.

After that day, I noticed one of my friends began a business over the summer. It flourished quickly and I was so happy for her! Then, I started to realize just how many friends owned their own businesses. As a photographer, I know how difficult owning your own business can be. Sometimes, it’s a one-woman-show. Other times, there are employees. But in the beginning, it’s just an idea. From there, it takes our own boldness to turn that idea into a reality. So I started to become more curious about why some women venture into the world of entrepreneurship and some hold themselves back.

After that, I wanted to hear women’s stories. I started wondering if I knew enough friends who had their own businesses and after writing up a list, I had over a dozen friends and acquaintances who did. I decided I didn’t just want to hear their stories, I wanted to share them in hopes of inspiring women like my friend, and countless others who are afraid to be bold.

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